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Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Louise von Maltitz

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner & The Personal Reconnection - Certified Practitioner

Discovering Reconnective Healing has been one of the greatest gifts in my life! It has had a profound impact on my life and I want to dedicate my time into doing this remarkable work as a Practitioner.


There’s something simply magical about Reconnective Healing, which leaves me inspired and humble in the presence of observing the light, energy and information interact with my clients. It is indeed the most comprehensive form of healing I have worked with and experienced. You can sense the innate intelligence of the process, delivering specifically what will most benefit the client at that time. I find Reconnective Healing never static - it continues to evolve, keeping me intrigued and deepening my understanding, empathy and involvement with my life.  I have noticed similar changes with my clients and family. Healing has been a significant part of my life for many years. Since experiencing these higher frequencies, I have noticed greater clarity and a more sustained sense of ease in all areas of my life.


Contact me to schedule a Reconnective Healing session or a Personal Reconnection appointment in person on Auckland’s North Shore, and by distance worldwide.

Reconnect Your Life! Each person’s healing experience will be unique. Discover yours!

Reconnective Healing

Session Overview

“Reconnective Healing expands into a new spectrum of light and information that is available to everyone exposed to this work. Once we interact with these frequencies we are forever changed. It transcends technique and frees us to experience more.

- " Joan Fowler

Often healings are reported after just one session. It is suggested that you receive up to three Reconnective Healing® sessions and then allow your experience to unfold. Healings can come in all forms. The optimal way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without specific expectations or attachment to results.

Reconnective Healing is facilitated hands-off while you relax on your back, fully clothed on a massage table. It is important that you are comfortable, relaxed and have your eyes closed. Simply ‘let go’ and become the observer.


Reconnective Healing sessions are typically 30 minutes in length. The healings occur outside of the constraints of time and space, so more time is not better. One to three sessions are normally suggested.


Contact Me

Louise von Maltitz

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

Contact me to schedule a Reconnective Healing session or a Personal
Reconnection appointment.

+64 (027) 441 0361

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